When Mies Outland offers you an off-road ride in one of the meanest 4 wheel machines around, you strap in and just say 'you betcha'. You've got to see this thing!

This past weekend I had the pleasure of joining Mies Outland at their new St. Cloud location for the last day of their grand opening. So many cool machines were out there, but there was one that caught my eye...and they gave me a heck of a cool off-road ride in it.


It's called a Polaris RZR (like "razor") and there's a few different models, but this one was like something from another planet, and now I want one!

When I was shown the ditch we were going to baha through, I thought for sure I'd be flying all over the place, and my video camera would be thrown. Not at all actually. the shocks took all the bumps and the ride was quite smooth. If you haven't ridden in one of these, you have to try it!

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