When I was in kindergarten I remember thinking that my teacher lived inside of the school. I didn't think they had lives outside of the school walls. I'd walk around the school trying to find out where their beds were.

It's safe to say my mind was completely blown the first time I saw one of my teachers outside of the school, and with her family. It was shocking. To be fair, I was 6 years old and nothing about the world really made sense back then.

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That's why I think it's so fun that the students in Ms. Venteicher's class at Oak Hill Elementary School were asked to dress like a teacher for the day.

There are so many creative and fun ways you could go about this. But, mainly, it's fun to see what they think a teacher is supposed to dress like.

The St. Cloud Area School District 742 shared a photo on their official Facebook page...and, YOU GUYS...it's one of the cutest photos ever!

Several students decided to dress in floral print, flowy dresses and others decided to rock the casual Friday look.

But, there's one student who showed up wearing a full suit, tie and even had on some nice black shoes. It looks like he decided to go big and dress like the school's principal for the day. We LOVE this.

The photos have gained dozens of reactions from the community on social media.

Shaana Figallo wrote, "Great job, Ms. Venteicher's class! I have an outfit like each and every one of you!"

Crissie Rae said, "Super cute!!"

Linda Anderson Dankers commented, "Wow...great idea!!!!!"

Thanks for bringing a smile to our faces this morning, Ms. Venteicher's class. You aced this assignment!

Ms. Venteicher’s class at Oak Hill dressed up like a teacher for Switch Places Dress Day!

Posted by St. Cloud Area School District 742 on Thursday, March 25, 2021


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