Everyone always hears about Minnesota Nice, and how that's something that we all experience in our great state.  But I'm sure that everyone can attest to the fact that we aren't always so Minnesota Nice.  When you do experience that, it's pretty cool.

The other day I stopped at Kwik Trip to fill up with gas.  Of course the gas pump asks if I'd like a car wash.  I said no, because I didn't think I had time, it was a nice day and I figured the car wash was probably super busy.  But my car was a complete pit, and it did need a wash.  I know that I can use it later, but I still said no.  As I was driving out, I noticed that there was only one car in line, so I'm thinking maybe I will get a car wash. Why not?

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I get up to the car wash and now I have to pay.  This is my biggest fear at the car wash.  That my card will not work, and there's a line behind me.  This is now the situation that I am in.  But I think it's probably an irrational fear.  Nope  Card does not work.  What the heck?  I KNOW there is money in there.  I try it again.  Nope. Denied!  So, I try a credit card, I don't want to do that for a $10 car wash, but I'm now in this situation.  Nope!  Another decline.  What is going on??  Now it's the dreaded "what do I do now"?  I get out of my car...still in line and the next one up... I look at the people in the vehicle behind me so I can tell them what's going on.  They are not paying any attention at all, looking down, whatever.  I figure better not to waste time and I just run into Kwik Trip to pay inside.

I run in, and tell the guy what's happening.  And I try handing him my card to pay.  He just hands me a receipt.  I'm like "what just happened?"  He responds with "I just gave you one".  Wow!!  I said "I love you!"  He said the same back, and I said "This is why I love Kwik Trip"!  Thank you!!

This totally made my day.  Plus, when I ran back to my car, still parked in the line in front of the car wash, the guy ahead of me IN the car wash was still in there.  Thank Goodness!!  I enter the code into the machine and all is well with the world.

THAT is an example of not just Minnesota Nice, but also an example of how great Kwik Trip can be.  Forever a loyal customer.  Thank you again.

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