I was walking my dog over the weekend, and couldn't help but notice the flowers around the neighborhood were buzzing with bumble bees. They weren't just willy-nilly here or there, there were multiple to a flower.

I always associated bees with spring and summer, not so much fall, and I haven't noticed them in years past. My curiosity got the best of me so I snapped some pictures and went to Google for some answers.


Turns out that in late summer and fall worker bees put in extra hours to collect enough nectar to feed and maintain the colony throughout the winter. Bees are hanging out more on flowers right now to collect carbohydrates from the nectar, and protein from the pollen. For the most part, once bees head to the hive for the winter they don't come out, so they need to make sure they have enough sustenance for the cold season.

Some late blooming flowers you can keep your eyes out for bees on are asters, chrysanthemums (these are where I spotted them in my neighborhood), goldenrod, and Russian sage.

Be kind to the bees! They're putting in long hours and aren't going to hurt you if you don't hurt them.

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