Not to cause mass confusion in an already confusing time or anything, but we have a time change for the F-16 Falcon Flyover on Independence Day.

Originally when we reported on this earlier in the week, we were sent a press release that gave the time of the flyover of St. Cloud to be around 11 am. That time has now been changed.


The Flyover is expected to happen at approximately 10:35 am to 10:45 am, over central St. Cloud. (Not that everyone's already put 11 am in their calendar or anything).

The July 4th F-16 Flyover is being provided by the Bulldogs of the 148th Fighter Wing, the Duluth-based Air National Guard flying unit; named the BEST Air National Guard flying wing in 2019 by the Air Force Association for its outstanding accomplishments.


The 2020 July 4th celebration will include:

  • A brief Fireworks salute from an alternate location, which has still not yet been announced, and plans are to announce this shortly before the fireworks begin. Area residents will learn which direction to look and listen shortly before 10:00 pm Saturday July 4th via area media and Fireworks social media site.
  • The F-16 Flyover salute to the St. Cloud area at approximately 10:35 to 10:45 am, UPDATED TIME!!!! (Not 11 am as was previously announced).
  • An Online virtual “Best Of” St. Cloud area fireworks display
  • An Online educational tribute to the history of Independence Day, including Reading of the Declaration of Independence
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Additional information and updates may be found at www.stcloudfireworks.org and at facebook.com/Stcfireworks.

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