Last night the city of St. Cloud passed an ordinance requiring people to wear face masks in indoor public places. This ordinance is set to expire in 30 days (Wednesday, August 19th) but could end before or after depending on what happens across the rest of the state. The ordinance could end early if Governor Walz ends the statewide Peacetime Emergency, or it could be extended by another city council vote or if statewide mask law is enacted by Governor Tim Walz.

For now, we mask up. Because if we don't it could end up costing a pretty penny.

When I was reading about the ordinance, I was shocked that not wearing one could result in a fine of $250. That is A LOT of money for not wearing a mask. It sounds like a warning would be issued first, but man I can't imagine paying that much money for something so simple.

The citywide mask mandate comes after multiple area businesses started requiring shoppers to wear face masks. Some include Coborn's, Walmart, Sams Club, CVS, and Best Buy.

Examples of places masks will be required are retail stores, government buildings, and gyms. People excluded from wearing masks include kids under the age of five, people who can't wear masks for medical reasons, restaurant and bar patrons who are eating and drinking, and workers who are in an area of a business that is not open to customers. Read more about the city-wide mask ordinance here. 

I have a healthy fear of getting in trouble and I don't have that kind of money to throw around so I will continue to be rocking my Disney-themed face mask. Also, it's super cute and has a lizard on it, so why not. Stay healthy!

Abbey Minke
Abbey Minke
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