Macaroni & Cheese comes in so many different flavors and levels and we all have our favorite styles.  There's good old Kraft Mac & Cheese from the box with the powered cheese.  Then there is a whole other gourmet level Mac & Cheese like the one at the Hen & The Hog in Albertville, MN.

Clearly Mac & Cheese isn't the only thing they do well there.

They don't mess around at the Hen & The Hog.  This Mac & Cheese has aged Cheddar, Bleu and gruyere cheese.  Then as if that's not enough, they add pulled pork and crispy onion petals.  And that is just the regular Mac & Cheese.  They also do kicked up versions.

Feast your eyes on this special! Introducing our Black and Blue Mac & Cheese.

Special: Blackened Wagyu steak bites, Cavatappi pasta with house made 4 cheese cream sauce, sautéed mushrooms, blue cheese crumbles, and topped with micro greens.

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If Wagyu in your Mac & Cheese isn't doing it for you (but really c'mon, how can it not!?) then you could try this twist when it's available.

Feast your eyes on our Flaming Mac & Cheese!

Four cheese mac sauce, bleu cheese crumbles, crispy chicken breast, hot cayenne butter sauce, garlic butter crostinis.

You don’t want to miss this one! Pair it with an Indeed Pistachio Cream Ale and you have yourself a delicious meal.

Their Mac & Cheese has been recognized HERE too.

You can't go wrong checking out everything they have at The Hen & The Hog.

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