I envy people who have beautiful yards. My parents for one. Wow! Talk about an amazing yard...and huge! Not to mention all their beautiful flower gardens. I know for a fact, that there is NO way, I'm going to have a yard like that. I work too many hours in a day to get the yard of my dreams, and when your sons are in charge of mowing; your yard typically looks like it.

I also have a backyard that is mostly sand, and a few weeds. It is a mess. It COULD be a beautiful space if I could figure out what to do with it.

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Succulents! I never thought about this before. Succulents aren't fussy about the type of soil they live in. They require very little water, and probably none on my part. As long as your yard drains well, and mine does, these adorable plants add lots of color to your space, and a lot less work! SCORE!


Vinca, Thyme, and Creeping Jenny have been suggested as they make an excellent no mow lawn cover. You can plant a mixture of spring and summer bloomers, which will give you blooming and changing colors throughout the seasons. Love it!


This might be what I need to do. I would love to have a peaceful place to go all summer...with the sounds of trickling water, and just a peaceful place to go out and read, or just sit with friends and sip on some lemonade. Hardscaping can beautify difficult areas that don't do well with grass,and can be just as beautiful. Container gardens, garden paths made of pavers, and a mix of hardy plants. Maybe even have an area with a birdbath. Nice!


If you don't mind working in the backyard, but it's just mowing you dislike, you might think about planting trees and plants that can feed you! Yes...some effort required to maintain this idea...so make sure you really want to commit!

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Did you have a pet rock when you were a kid? Why not have a whole bunch of pet rocks? They are really easy to take care of and you can design your beautiful rock garden any way you want!

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Wildflowers are beautiful and can sustain in both wet and dry climates. They adapt well to their environments.


If you have shady area, moss might be a good alternative. Apparently it grows in almost any soil and requires very little weeding....If you want green, this might be a great option to grass.

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