New Year's Day has come and gone and gyms across the country filled up this morning as many people attempted to start fulfilling their New Year's Resolutions.


The trick to keeping your resolutions is to decide to change things that you truly can change easily - otherwise, you are going to set yourself up for failure.

Many people say, I'm going to lose weight this year. That's fine and good until you lose motivation after the second week. Now I'm not telling you to not get in better shape and lose the weight - I've certainly been there. What I am saying is make sure you have a plan for HOW you are going to do it before just blurting it out.

Or, you could be like this guy and make sure that you look at everything going on in your life and make sure that you actually CAN make the changes necessary to fulfill those resolutions.

Caution - there are a few swear words in this video. If bad language offends you, please don't watch it.