The Morgan Wallen team did everything they could to try to minimize 'The Scalper Effect" by asking Morgan Wallen fans to sign up for a chance at buying the tickets. Those who were chosen in the drawing were sent a special code to use when Ticketmaster opened the doors for tickets. Ticketmaster was charging some pretty hefty prices for concert tickets to the Morgan Wallen show at US Bank Stadium in June of 2024. Regardless of all attempts to keep scalping to a minimum, there is plenty of it going on.

Photo Kelly Cordes
Photo Kelly Cordes
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I was one of the lucky people whose name was drawn for the Morgan Wallen ticket lottery. Unfortunately for me, even the cheapest prices I could find were a little bit out of my price range. Those who did get in had a chance to purchase up to 6 tickets.

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Even though attempts were made to keep people from purchasing tickets and selling them for higher prices; it's still happening. I hate it for people like me, but I had my chance and turned it down. I ask you; Is it fair for people to purchase their 6 tickets and then mark them up to sell them for a profit?


There was a bit of a war going on in places like 'Minnesota Ticket Exchange' on Facebook.

A lot of people 'accidentally' bought more tickets than they needed, and people were pretty upset about it.

Photo Kelly Cordes
Photo Kelly Cordes

One person on the website posted the following message:

"I think it's HILARIOUS that 99% of the tickets being sold on here for Morgan Wallen come with an "accidental disclaimer".

"My husband accidentally bought tickets and I did, too."

"I accidentally bought 4 and there are only 2 of us.... oops!"

"My neighbor got us some so the PlatinumGoldSilverTitanium ones I purchased will go to waste."

All: "... so I'm only selling for a teeeensy markup. BARELY face value, plus fees" plus a grand.
You NEVER hear this from legit sports sellers or normal concert sellers. ONLY the mega shows... ONLY during pre-sale.
Just an observation.
I have no Morgan Wallen tickets. I need no Morgan Wallen tickets.
Have a nice day."

We had someone contact us about their legitimate purchase. They bought 4 pit tickets for family, and two tickets for themselves in a higher section because they didn't want to be in 'the pit." They maxed out their credit card around $4000 for tickets to the show.


Now if something happens where they cannot go, do you think they should sell the tickets for a face value of $4000? Or do you think it's okay for them to mark up the prices for those who are willing to pay more than that for the tickets?

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