As if reality TV wasn't already teetering on the edge of appropriate entertainment - this new show might just push it over the edge, because if you ask me this sounds terribly inappropriate. I mean come on, the title alone ('Pregzilla') is enough to make me go - "really?"

A Hollywood casting company is currently searching for the new shows stars, the main criteria is to be an out of control pregnant couple. Well, doesn't that sound healthy...

The casting notice reads: "This is your pregnancy, and you need to be treated like a queen! Are you feeling more and more like an alien took over her body and turned her into an emotional monster? This is your chance to have fun with the fact that your lady has gone off the rails."

Wow! Seriously?! I can't believe anyone would think this is OK...I have never been pregnant so I have no idea what pregnancy is like personally, but I have seen enough of my close friends have children and I know it's no easy feat. So why anyone would think it's OK to make a show that makes fun of pregnant women and their mood swings and erratic behavior is beyond me. I honestly hope someone re-thinks this idea and pulls it from production.