Caribou Coffee is setting up shop in Sauk Centre. The city announced it on their Facebook page saying:

We are pleased to welcome Caribou Coffee to Sauk Centre to be located in the old Interpretive Center property.
Stay tuned for announcements of the other two lots.

The social media post was met with mix reviews from people both excited for something new to come to town, and concern for the support of already established local businesses.

Darlene Hallermann: "Really it is needed like a hole in the head. Just what this town didn't need. We have 2 fantastic coffee places already. What was the city thinking yet once again? So that's why it was kept a secret, so you wouldn't get all this naysay from us."

Molly Parker Hoof: "Did they have to tear down the trees? I would have loved to sit under the trees with a coffee"

Mike Bushard Jr: "I will continue to support our locally owned and managed coffee shop that has taken care of the towns caffeine needs for years. #shoplocal"

Lindsay Marthaler: "Feel free to spend your own money and put up a shop that you think our town needs. Everyone is quick to judge when they aren't the ones behind it. Not trying to sound rude but...I'm just happy Sauk Centre is a thriving town with a main street full of locally owned stores to support."

Megan Jacob: "Remember Caribou won’t be going after the local business they will be trying to capitalize off of the traffic on 94. Support our local businesses just like we would’ve before. It’s a great thing to see new businesses open in Sauk. I’m excited to see what the other 2 lots will bring as well. Hopefully, more people stopping in Sauk rather than a nearby stop along 94."

Personally, I see this as a sign of growth for the town. Putting a sign on I-94 saying there is a Caribou Coffee waiting at the exit ramp draws travelers in that might not have been inclined to stop before. Sauk Centre is one of those towns that have a special charm to it, and once people are drawn in they will want to keep exploring everything it has to offer.

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