Open to qualified job seekers, the Minnesota Department of Corrections is looking for a "Tattoo Supervisor". This job listing was posted on April 8th, and is specifically for the facility at Minnesota Correctional Facility (MCF)-Stillwater. And honestly, it sounds pretty awesome.

In this position you will lead a pilot project for the Minnesota Department of Corrections (DOC) establishing a tattoo/body art studio within Minnesota correctional facilities. You will serve as the expert technical resource for other project and agency staff involved in the design and implementation of the body art pilot project so that a licensed body art studio is established and incarcerated men and women are trained and supervised in the art of tattooing.

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Responsibilities for this job include:

  • Establish and maintain a licensed body art establishment in one or more correctional facilities in compliance with MS 146B.
  • Direct and manage the application process for temporary licenses for incarcerated people participating in the pilot in compliance with MS 146B.
  • Develop, design and implement a program to provide technical information and supervision to incarcerated people interested in obtaining licensure as a tattoo technician in compliance with MS 146B.
  • Oversee the development of digital portfolios for incarcerated people and provide direction for employment opportunities.

This job does require travel part of the time to different correctional facilities across the state but offers pretty great hours and salary. Monday through Friday 8 am - 4:30 pm and  $28.25 - $41.63/hourly wage. (That's $58,986 - $86,923 annually for those who wish not to do the math on their own.)

There are some pretty specific qualifications you need to meet for this position, so any average Joe with an Amazon tattoo gun won't be chosen. They are looking for someone with at least three years of tattooing experience, current licensure in Minnesota as a tattoo technician, and a well-rounded portfolio.

Sound like something you fit the bill for? Check out the job application here. 

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