It's National Tattoo Day...It's also National Lottery Day and National Emoji Day? My suggestion is; Don't celebrate the day by getting aTattoo of winning lottery numbers and an Emoji smiley face on your arm.  Maybe celebrate in a better way.  Above, I'm on the left and my radio daughter Abbey is on the right. We received our matching radio tattoos and I added the musical notes, and the words "Beautiful Day" as this was the last thing my first ever morning show partner and I said before we left our audience each day. It's my only Tattoo for now. Abbey reminded me that we got those tattoos the day Prince died, April 21st of 2016 at Wingnut Tattoo & Piercing. Below is my boyfriend Darin's Tattoo. He brought a different drawing for a LEO tattoo, and Cream City Tattoo in St. Cloud took that idea and created this unique tattoo. I love it!

Townsquare Media/Kelly Cordes
Townsquare Media/Kelly Cordes


There are so many talented artists out there; Tattoo artists have a special talent, and have to take that leap of faith that they are leaving their permanent art on your body; and each time they do it, they have to hope that the client is happy with their work. Talk about a stressful job!

If you've found an Artist that you love, maybe thank them today for doing such great work; maybe book a future appointment with them to get your next creation on available skin.

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Hopefully you haven't learned from experience; we've found some sound advice for those of you getting your first tattoo; or your next.

  • Spellcheck: Seems like a simple idea right? Many people make a last minute decision to have a tattoo just to find out that they spelled the word wrong, and although you CAN have tattoos removed these days, it might be a more expensive and lengthy process that you can avoid by simply double checking the spelling of the art before it goes on your body.
  • Have something in mind before you go: Bring the Artist an idea of what you want. It takes awhile to develop a great creation and you'll save them some valuable time as well as yourself if you come in with an idea of what you want; something on paper.
  • Do your research: Finding the type of Artist you want will take some time.
  • Expect to be on a waiting list. Good Artists stay busy. That's a good sign.
  • Expect to pay more for great art.  If you're looking for a deal, your Tattoo will reflect it's value. You don't want "CHEAP" all over your body.  Or...maybe you do?  make sure you spell it right.


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