After closing seven months ago for remodeling and renovation, the National Eagle Center on the Mississippi River in Wabasha is reopening today.

The National Eagle Center encapsulates a world in which the iconic power and presence of eagles are known, respected, advocated for, and protected. Located in Wabasha, Minnesota, we’re home to several non-releasable Bald Eagles and a nesting place for hundreds of others who come for the winter.

Work began last November to renovate the existing facility, including expansion of eagle care facilities, refreshing exhibit spaces, and expanding the space where the eagle ambassadors are on public display. Outdoor portions of the current expansion work will continue throughout the summer in the open space next to the Center, along the alleyway, and along the riverfront.

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The National Eagle Center is  located in Wabasha and is the world’s premier resource for impactful eagle education and experiences. For more information, visit or call 651.565.4989.

The Riverfront Center (located at 50 Pembroke Ave. S in Wabasha) will be open daily from 10 am to 5 pm with admission of $12 for adults and $10 for youth (ages 4-17). Admission for children ages 3 and under and members is FREE.

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