I'm in the midst of my spring cleaning and I'm running into some road bumps. Yesterday, I was sick in bed nearly all day and didn't get to any of my spring cleaning projects.

But, I thought about all of the things I still have yet to do before spring officially gets here. Some of my to-do list items include smelly projects like; cleaning the oven, wall paint touch ups, shampooing the carpets and bug bombing the house.

Now, obviously you'll want to do these projects on a day when you can open the windows and screen doors and let the fumes out. Since it's less than warm outside, my projects are on hold.

But, realistically, how often are you supposed to do these things anyway? I HATE the smell of the oven when it's being cleaned. I try to avoid doing this at all costs. There's nothing worse than the smell of your burnt pizza cheese, that got stuck to the oven floor 4 months ago, turning into ash along with all of your spilled winter casseroles.

It's something that every Minnesotan is going to have to go through soon and it's the worst part of spring. Are you planning on planning on doing any of these projects, or are you skipping it this spring?

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