I’ve got a laundry list of things to do around the house now that the temperatures are warming up and it's officially spring! When the sun is out and shining I feel like I’ve got an overwhelming amount of motivation to get my spring projects started! Here are some things we’ve all been putting off for warmer temps!

1. Vacuuming your car/carwash-It’s good to get your car washed in the winter to rinse all of the salt off so it doesn’t rust. BUT, what’s frustrating is that you know your vehicle will be covered in salt again tomorrow. That’s just how it works in the winter when you live in Minnesota. Don’t even get me started about how much sand and salt are sitting on the floor in my car. You'll probably find all of those missing french fries under your seat that you dropped before Christmas. #gross

2. Sweeping the garage-It’s insane how much sand and salt have been dragged into my garage. It’s not like I've been using my garage a whole lot anyway. If you’re like me, you park the car in the garage and that’s about it. How in the world does that cause your garage floor to look like a Miami beach? Here's some free advice--get yourself a mask before you sweep the garage or you'll be sneezing out black soot for a month.

3. Taking down your Christmas lights-It’s sad but something we all have to do each year...unless you're my neighbors who stapled them on their house. Christmas time is officially over and Easter is knocking on our door. I hate climbing up on the roof--especially, when it’s icy and cold out. There’s really no excuse now with temperatures warming up this weekend.

4. Start your indoor garden-If you’re a gardener, it’s time to start getting your ducks in a row and figuring out what you want to plant this year. It’s too early to start planting your seeds outside, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t start sprouting seeds inside! Be careful though, I bit off more than I could chew one year and my plants got way too big too early.

5. Taking off your window plastic-I always put a layer of plastic over my windows to help insulate my house and keep the cold drafts out. It’s getting to that time of year when I might actually be able to open my windows soon. (Not looking forward to peeling tape off of the windowsill though)


6. Picking up yard garbage now that snow is melted-The winter elements have most likely blown garbage into your yard which has been buried snow-pack and ice. Now that the snow has melted, it’s time to go around the yard with a trash bag and pick up little pieces garbage. Don't forget to wear a pair of gloves!!

8. Cleaning out your gutters-Typically, you’re supposed to do this in the fall. However, it would probably a good idea to give them another cleaning now that winter is coming to an end. Who knows what you’ll find up there.

9. Filing your bike tires with air/cleaning off sports equipment-The cold weather has most likely deflated your basketballs, bike tires, and more sports equipment of the same sort. Spend the weekend getting your sports gear back into use and you’ll thank yourself later.

10. Spring cleaning your house-It’s a good time to start going through your closet and getting your wardrobe ready for the spring season. This is also the perfect time to be thinking about what you might want to put in your spring/summer yard sale.

What are some other spring cleaning projects you've got on your to-do list?

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