There was a time when I used the phone a lot. But...I was a sixteen year old, and ALL I did was talk on the phone to my cousin Gina, or my 7th grade boyfriend.


Today...I don't like sitting on the phone in conversations. Not that I don't want to talk to a friend I haven't heard from in a year...or  my Mom.....It's my Mom. I could talk to her all day; but I don't think SHE likes being on the phone either.

I seriously despise sitting on the phone while someone else is having conversations with someone else. So if I call you and you're busy, just tell me. Call me later.

I understand if you are taking your kids through a drive thru and need to place the order. I've been guilty of it. Usually I try to tell my caller that I'm getting ready to go through a drive thru and need to go; if you don't let me off the phone then you're going to hear my order. But I promise you; I'd rather not be on the phone during your personal discussions with your passengers.

I also hate it when I go out to eat with someone, and they have to look at their phone the whole time. It clearly sends the message that our time together is NOT valuable. I might as well do something else. I guess I'll dig out my phone since you are.

I rarely call even my closest friends, family and even my boyfriend. I'm just sayin'.  My arm gets tired holding the phone all day and I don't have a bluetooth thingy in my ear, because I don't want one.


I use my phone for work. I'm booking interviews all day. I'm scheduling appointments for my kids. I wear headphones for a living. I use Google Maps to find remote locations I'm going for work, and scheduling music gigs.  When I get home, I don't want to be on my phone. I talk for a living; so when I'm done talking on the radio; I really don't want to interview anyone else. I don't want to ask one more question. I don't want to talk unless I have to.


If I'm home, and all my kids are in the house with me; I'm highly unlikely to have my phone anywhere near me. I will occasionally check it; like right  before I go to bed. It doesn't mean that I'm going to call you back before I go to bed; because I have to get a couple hours of sleep.  Please accept my apology for not wanting to be on the phone. I can't help it.

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