I went to the Minnesota State Fair over the weekend and today I'm still in a food coma--that's how I know I did things the right way!

The weather has been pretty perfect for the it too! I always tell people that you don't want to head to the fair on a hot 80 degree summer day. The number of people at the Minnesota Great Get Together alone heat the place up at least 20 degrees.

My husband Dave wanted to play games on the midway. He's crazy good at a lot of them too. He ended up getting banned from playing ring toss because he won a bunch of prizes. I'm pretty sure they were worried he was going to clean out the entire midway. I suggest that you leave your game playing for last so that you don't have to carry your giant plush throughout the fair like we did.

My husband and I started our fair food tradition with Pronto Pups...I had mustard smeared on mine while he put Ketchup on his. I guess there's an internet debate going on which suggests that Ketchup on hot dogs is a no no. He got a lot of Facebook hate for it. I was pretty entertained.

Next we ate corn on the cob, followed by; cheesecake, french fries, frozen yogurt and Sweet Martha's Cookies. We weren't very adventurous with our taste buds this year. We stuck to foods we knew we'd like.

I definitely got my craving fix...can you tell that I've been craving sweet things? However, if I had it all to do over again, I'd have gotten myself a scooter. I didn't realize how tired I'd be from being pregnant and walking around the fair all afternoon. My best advice for you if you're planning on going this year is to wear good shoes!

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