My husband usually does most of the lawn care in our household and I take care of the inside chores. Yesterday it looked like it was going to rain, so I decided to mow the lawn before he got home.

Now, I'm not really used to mowing the lawn at all but I decided the exercise would be good for me. I got the lawn mower out of the garage, it was already gassed up, so I was good to go.

I started pushing the mower and thought to myself that it wasn't so bad. I could probably stand to mow the lawn more than I do. Halfway through mowing our front yard I was extremely tired...I thought to myself, "how the heck does my husband have energy to do this every week." My calves were burning, my hands were sore, my arms hurt and I had blisters on my palms.

Now, I may sound like cry a baby, but don't forget...I'm pregnant and I haven't really been too active lately. I thought I must just be crazy out of shape.

I was finally mowing the back half of the lawn and practically dying at this point. I kept telling myself to push on and finish the job. My husband got home, looked all over for me in the house and then realized I was in the backyard mowing. He came outside and asked how things were going and if I needed him to take over.

I told him I'd like to finish the job but I couldn't believe how difficult it was. He looked at me funny and then asked if I had been holding down the lever that makes the lawn mower go on its own.

I thought 'WHAT!' You've got to be kidding me. There was a lever I could have been holding down the whole time making the job easier?! The news came just in time for me to be practically done mowing. I used the lever for the rest of the job and things went over like a breeze the rest of the way--that is, until I got close to the house. The lawn mower was going faster than I could keep up and I ended up taking a little bit of siding off of our house because something got caught on it.

So, long story short...I'm extremely sore all over my body today, I ruined part of our house and I'm thinking about retiring from mowing forever. I'm just going to chalk it up as a bad day with good intentions.

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