I have boxes of them.  Decorations for the holidays that my sons Tanner, Drew & Mason have made throughout the years.  Cute little cut out Christmas Trees with decorative sparkle glue, and cute little stars on the top.   School pictures cut out and pasted in green and red colored paper frames; little clay hand prints that could shatter into a million pieces if dropped.

Kelly's boys at Christmas


About once a year, I look through all of these adorable things that my children have made for me when they were little. Things they made with love in their heart for their Momma. And then; instead of putting them on our tree, I put them back in the box.

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Now...just to be clear...Sometimes I take a section of my wall and put up things that I can stick to the wall, but I don't put their ornaments on my tree anymore. I used to; but as the years go by, it just makes me too sad.


As any Mom, I still think of all of my boys as being little kids and seeing these little morsels once over the holidays is all I can handle. I love them for who they are now; but I just can't look at them all holiday season long without causing some sort of seasonal depression.

So yes...I love them...I enjoy them when I open the box...I put a few things up in the corner on the wall, and the I proceed to decorate my tree with ribbons and bows and flowers. I'm not even sure if you can see the tree once I'm done with it.

Celebrate your Christmas however it works for you. Joy is different for everyone. I choose to live in the moment.

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