On December 3rd, 2020, I received a message 'supposedly' from HULU, saying this:


Hi Kelly Cordes,

We spotted a new device logged into your account.

Andy's Iphone

Sao Paulo, SP, BR

12/03/2020 09:03:39 PM 9 (ET)

You: All good. Nothing more to do here. Happy Watching!

Not You: Check the list of devices logged into your account, and consider changing your password.

Anything Else?
We're here to help. Visit our Help Center for more info on how to deactivate devices you don't recognize.

The Hulu Team

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When I saw this, I was skeptical. I thought it was SPAM mail. I checked my Hulu account, and saw that all the profiles were the same. I was already logged in so everything was working normally for me; EXCEPT my credit card was charged for an extra $14.99 and appeared that I had upgraded to a larger package.


I logged out of my account on my Roku TV, and when I tried to log back in, not only did my password not work, but my EMAIL wasn't recognized! Hmmmm. So I went to my computer and went directly to Hulu.com/account.  I tried logging in there, and again, I put in my email address, and it said that if my email was on file, they would send me a link to reset my password within 15 minutes. That email never came.


Then there was an option to link in if I had forgotten my email address or if I had typed it in wrong when I originally signed up. After verifying a few things ONLY I could know, I found out that my email INDEED had been changed to someone's email address I had never heard of.  At this point, I tried a variety of ways to access my account, and absolutely couldn't. I was panicking.


Finally, I found a phone number to call. I was nervous. Was this really happening? Was this a scam that I was experiencing? It's so hard to know. I finally called the number after doing a few more verifications and actually spoke to a REAL person, who was able to deactivate the hacker address, and let me in. My account information was updated when I refreshed the page, my money was refunded, and everything was updated.

The thing is; I was sent alerts that this happened. But one of the SCAMS going on right now IS the HULU scam. They send you information saying your account has been hacked when indeed it HASN'T.  So you have to be very careful here.

My son did a little research and found that there are reports online that say HULU accounts that have been hacked once, typically get hacked again, and usually the typical name that shows up from a hacker is "Andy's Iphone."

I've changed everything in hopes that it DOESN'T happen again, but you can bet I'll be checking on my account a lot more often!


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