There's a new pub in St. Cloud and it features not only authentic Irish food, but also has an interior that brings you into Ireland without ever leaving St. Cloud.

My wife and I decided to head out for lunch and checked out the newest bar and restaurant in downtown St. Cloud, the Olde Brick House. We've heard that it is a very cool experience, so we had to go.

The rumor is true, nearly everything inside came over from Ireland, including many of the food recipes. Over a dozen construction workers came from Ireland and built the entire inside of St. Cloud's Olde Brick House, to make sure it was a TRUE authentic Irish pub.


What's interesting is the bar that's near the entrance. It was the original bar that was there back in the 1930's. It's been restored and is massive.

Olde Brick House original bar
1930's original bar inside Olde Brick House

During the remodel they found the original drawing for this bar, it was stuffed in a crevice since the 1930's and found just a couple months ago. They've got it on display near the bar.

Olde Brick House bar drawing
Original bar drawing from the 1930's

It was a great experience, and Brandon the Manager was extremely knowledgeable about every inch of the bar as well as the Irish culture that shows everywhere inside. I can say that we'll certainly be back again soon.

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