After my exciting weekend at We Fest, I made a trip to Princeton to drop my son off at a friends house, and to visit my parents at the farm.  I had been cleaning out my garage so that I can hopefully park my car in the garage before winter. Of course, Sampson had to come along. He loves it when I say, "You want to go to Grandma and Grandpa's?"  Yes! He knows what that means, and he loves to run around the farm.


I proceeded to drop Tanner off at his friends house, and headed to the farm. Sampson and I pulled up to the house. I notice Dad was out by the barns working on some piece of machinery...a pretty typical sight at our farm.

So I popped open the trunk and unloaded some of the boxes I was going to bring to the burning barrrel.   I grabbed the big boxes, and Sampson following, headed around the back of the house to the location of the burning barrell.


As I came around the side of the house, I noticed something large in my peripheral vision. I turned my head, and about 20 feet away from me, was a black bear! In my parents back yard, working on emptying one my parents bird feeders!

It was almost like a scene in a movie, the bear froze!  I froze! Sampson froze! We all were startled!  Then it was like something in a cartoon, that bear and had such a look of surprise on it's face...Sampson started running at him full force, chasing him into the corn field behind the bear.

At first, I was really worried that the bear would turn around and take out Sampson..but I forget how frightening Sampson can be. He was NOT scared! He ran full force towards this bear, and ran him off.

Sam came back out of the cornfield unscathed, and my parents, although they've been wanting to see the bear, were glad that he did. The bears been destroying bird feeders, getting into the garbage, making a little mess around the farm.


So now, Sampson has fulfilled his destiny. He was bread for protecting, and boy was that dog proud. He wouldn't leave my side. He was making sure that nothing would happen to us.


Although I only had a glimpse of the bear, it was breathtaking. I've never seen a bear that close, except in an enclosed facility at a zoo. There is something much more exciting seeing it right there in the yard, standing just steps away. He or she was absolutely beautiful and so much bigger than I ever imagined they were. Sampson was about as tall as the bear, but the bear was about 5 times his size in weight.  I didn't even have my phone with me, as I was just throwing stuff away, but it was a beautiful vision; and so exciting. I've finally seen a bear; up close and personal.

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