The weather is getting warmer out and my craving for ice cream, malts, shakes and frozen treats is pretty intense. That's why I've put together a list of my favorite ice cream shops to frequent over the summer months. If you're new to town, let this list be your ultimate survival guide!

Mr. Twisty's--I love how close it is to the Westwood neighborhood. I used to live in that area and I'd always complain that we had to drive so far to get ice cream--by the time I finally got it home, it would be melted. Then, Mr. Twisty's came to town and solved all my problems. They have super good ice cream! If you've ever wanted to own your own ice cream shop, the business is for sale!

Dairy Queen, St. Cloud/Sauk Rapids--We're lucky enough to have four locations in the St. Cloud/Sauk Rapids area. There's the Dairy Queen right off Division Street, one along Highway 10, another location by the Sauk Rapid's bridge and one right in the Crossroads Shopping Center. A crunch cone is my favorite thing to order...I'm not hard to please.

A&W, Sartell--They have the BEST root beer floats ever! Plus, they're pretty cheap. If you're in the mood for something other than root beer floats, they also sell a variety of sundaes and Polar Swirls! Mmmm--cookie dough and Oreo are my favorites!


Cold Stone, Waite Park--It's pretty much a heaven send in the summer and it's located right next to Barnes & Noble. My go to menu item is the french vanilla ice cream with pie crust. It's #life.

Cherry Berry, St. Cloud--When I'm in a serious mood for ice cream, I go to Cherry Berry because you can control your own portion size. Mine is always larger than life. I love that you can select your own toppings and create your own concoction. It makes your experience so much more fun!

Rock Solid, Sartell--They sell amazing protein shakes that taste exactly like ice cream...and it's HEALTHY for you! The shakes help you lose weight and are meant to be meal replacements. It's perfect when I am craving something sweet but I don't want to eat a million calories. Their flavors include wedding cake, frosted graham cracker, red velvet cake, and so many more! They have like 40 different flavors.

Culvers, St. Cloud/Waite Park--They have two locations in our area! So, whenever I get a craving for frozen custard, I don't have far to drive to get my fix. They have the best sundaes and concrete mixers ever! Their menu includes hot fudge, Snickers, M&M's, Reese, cookie dough and so many more!

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