Tomorrow is April Fools Day–and in honor of pranksters everywhere, I decided to share some of my favorite office pranks! It falls on a Saturday this year, so most of us won't probably be in the office. If that's the case, get a head start today. These pranks are pretty funny and also pretty harmless. I consider these pranks “low stakes” in the office. But, I should mention to use caution when pulling pranks in the office ever…some places don’t have a sense of humor!

1. Screen shot prank. Take a screen shot of someone’s desk top and set that as their computer background image. When they go to click on their icons they’ll be confused why everything they click on doesn’t work.

2. Gross jelly bean prank. Put Beanboozled Jelly Bellies in your break room in an unmarked container. Watch as people swarm them only to find out they taste like dirty socks and boogers.


3. Broken mouse prank.Take a small piece of sticky note paper and tape it to the bottom of your computer mouse. Make sure you’re covering up the red light. If the red light is covered, the mouse won’t work. I pulled this prank on our station engineer last year and it was hilarious.

Good luck with all of your pranking tomorrow! Take a look at the video of Barry and I pranking our co-workers last year on April Fool's Day!

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