Naturally, the woman's been absolutely roasted online.

A photo posted to the Minnesota thread of Reddit appears to show a Minnesota woman at the post office wearing what looks to be a box for a mask.

"Spotted at Prior Lake post office," reads the caption of the photo shared by Reddit user u/ApertureOmega. In the photo, a person -- presumably a woman based on the purse over the left shoulder -- is seen at the post office counter. Some sort of homemade contraption sits over her head with signs taped on that read "Breathing Fresh Air Is Now Criminal" and "How Much Longer?"

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No other context or details are given with the photo. It has, however, generated hundreds of comments mostly at the woman's expense.

"Was there eye holes? Or she just bump her way out?" asked one.

"Yeah all that fresh air in the post office. My local PO smells a bit like socks," one person joked.

"100 bucks says that box used to hold Franzia [wine]," joked another.

"She can wear a box on her head but not a mask?" wondered one person.

"She went out of her way to be a victim," commented one un-sympathetically.

"My three kids wear a mask ALL day Monday-Friday at school and have literally NEVER complained," reasoned another un-sympathizer. "What the f*** is wrong with people?! It's a mask. That's all."

"Hopefully she mailed herself to Florida," joked another in the Reddit comments. "Let them deal with her."

We, unfortunately, have no further proof that this photo was taken in Prior Lake or that the woman is a Minnesotan aside from the photo's caption and additional comments in the thread, so take the photo as you will. In the meantime, we'll assume the worst and enjoy the comments at her expense anyway.

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