On top of giving us winter 70's and start of spring 30's, we now get dumped with a ton of hail this afternoon. We could now get some rumbles overnight around the St. Cloud area.

Less than an hour ago most of central Minnesota got a large dumping of marble size hail, making the ground look like it was snow covered. This photo was taken today at about 4:40 pm.


It's been an odd spring so far to say the least. Near 70's a few weeks ago and a tornado, below zero just before that, now 30's in the afternoons. Tonight is supposed to get down to 34 degrees with scattered showers and a slight possibility of a thunderstorm in some parts of central Minnesota.

Spring will arrive at some point this year, but it's not going to feel like it for a couple weeks. Wondering what the temps look like over the next 2 months, check it out here.

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