Morgan Wallen explained the night he got arrested outside of Kid Rock's bar in Nashville the best he could, but the finer details still elude him.

Talking to Bobby Bones on Friday morning (May 29), the host of the syndicated Bobby Bones Show, Wallen admits the night he was put in cuffs is still "pretty fuzzy."

"I am pretty sure I broke a shot glass," he shares. "I had met some fans and they bought me a shot and we like slammed it on the table and mine broke."

What happened after his May 23 arrest is memorable, however. Friends bailed him out before 2AM the next morning, and the next day, bar owner Kid Rock (real name Robert Ritchie) texted him. Wallen says he apologized for his behavior, and the rock-rap-country singer was understanding.

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"He asked me if I wanted to come hang out, cause I had never met him or anything, so we went over there and hung out," Wallen shares. 

The hitmaker and 2018 Taste of Country RISERS star actually went to Ritchie's Nashville-area property for the impromptu hang, not Kid Rock's Big Ass Honky Tonk & Rock 'N' Roll Steakhouse on Broadway in Nashville, the scene of the crime. The veteran showed the east Tennessee native around and shared a few mementos he has. That's where the "Fresh Out" picture from Instagram came from.

The 27-year-old Wallen was charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct after his arrest. He later apologized on social media.

"I think I've built kind of a reputation for being a little bit rowdy and maybe even rambunctious at times. Usually, it’s fun-loving," Wallen says.

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