Christmas is only 12 days away! If you're still working on that holiday shopping (don't worry, I am too) maybe you should head to the Mall of America this weekend and have one of Santa's helpers help you find the perfect gift.

Her name is Ellie and she's a holographic elf that will give you suggestions for what to get that person (or persons) still left on your shopping list.

When you get to Ellie you'll talk to her through a microphone and tell her what person your shopping for (i.e. man, woman, teen, or kids & babies). Then depending on the person, she may ask what category you're looking for (i.e. tech, entertainment, etc.) and from there she'll start to give you suggestions for this person you're shopping for!


When you see something you like you can ask her to tell you where to find that item.

Source: Retail Customer Experience

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