Only Saturday Night Live would find a way to ruin such a heart-warming story.

Last week's story about a chain reaction of paying-it-forward at a Brainerd Dairy Queen drive-thru wasn't just the kind of story Minnesotans needed; it was the kind of story the whole world needed. The heart-warming story of a gift that kept on giving didn't just make local news; it was picked up by national outlets like Fox NewsToday, and CNN and websites like Good News Network, Patch, Stuff Lovely and more!

As they say, however, "no good deed goes unpunished," and the Minnesota Nice story found itself the ridicule over the weekend of Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update. In-between faux-news stories about lions testing positive for COVID-19, an upcoming Indiana Jones movie with a ridiculous title and Jay-Z's new line of cannabis products, anchor Colin Jost poked fun at the culprit who ended the pay-it-forward chain of generosity.

"Customers at a Dairy Queen in Minnesota set off a chain reaction of paying for the customer behind them in the drive-thru that lasted for more than 900 people with an inspiring story that ended with one guy being like 'Nope, I'm good.'"

In a Minnesota thread of public discussion forum Reddit, one person claims to have been one of the 900 vehicles to go thru the Dairy Queen drive-thru.

"So how did it work?" another Reddit user asked. "I imagine the workers must have said 'hey the person in front of you paid for your meal, would you like to do the same for the person after you? So far we are at XX people in a row paying it forward.'"

"Yeah that's exactly how it went down. I think I was 100th car to do it."

If you (somehow) missed the story, you can read about it here.

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