A little over two years ago, a man named Bill Cox was a responder that helped the daughter of Becca Bundy. Becca said, he truly cared about helping people, and helped her through a seizure her daughter was having.

Becca never forgot about his kindness.  Fast forward to a few months ago. Becca walked into a bar and saw Bill Cox wearing a T shirt that said, "My name is Bill. I'm in End Stage kidney failure, and in need of a kidney."


Becca couldn't forget about it, and felt that SHE was supposed to donate her kidney.

It just so happens she WAS a match, and about 3 months ago, She donated one of her kidneys to Bill. Today, Bill is off of dialysis, and is getting back to his retirement.

The two families have made special bonds. To read the complete story, click HERE now.

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