Did you make it out to the Great Minnesota Get-Together?  If you did you were one of 1,835,826 people.  That's down a little bit from the year before, but we did have some pretty hot days that may have kept some people away.

The all-time record for attendance was set in 2019 with an amazing 2,126,551 people attending that year.

If you were at the Fair it goes without saying that you samples some different foods while you were there.  So what was your favorite?  The folks at the Washington Post magazine were there trying food and they rated it and came up with what they believed was the best.  If you didn't try these high-rated foods - add them to your "must-eat" list for next year!


Now lets see if their favorites match yours.  Travel and food writer Natalie Compton began her review with, "Before you even ask: No, we did not get to the lutefisk." I think many of us can understand that.  If it were me, I wouldn't have either.

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Let's just start by letting you know that she scored 4 foods a perfect score of 10 out of 10.  But her favorite of those four was the Sweet Corn on the Cob from the Corn Roast stand. Considering they go through 25,000 ears of corn per day at the Fair, I'd say many probably agree.


The other three perfect 10 foods were the Pork Chop on a Stick, the Giant Egg Roll on a stick and Sweet Martha's Cookie Jar Cookie.

Photo by YouTube via Washington Post
Photo by YouTube via Washington Post

You can read the full review and rankings here.


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