Keng DeShawn{MYXER-TV}


A Man in Detroit Lakes that was trying to capture some footage of a storm, happened to catch something else. What do you think this is?

When I see it, it looks like a fast moving flock of birds....but can any bird or flock of birds move this fast?

Apparently about a week ago, the Navy said they would like to stop calling these phenomena or flying objects UFO's and start calling them UAO's...Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, instead of Unidentified Flying Objects.

Anytime we see something that we can explain, many of us jump to conclusions that it is some other life form from some other planet in a far away universe here to check up on us or take over our planet. Could it be that it' just space debri? From our own space trash?

Things like this, and other objects that appear spherical, move up and down in gravitional defiance? Could they be explained?



I've seen something in the sky over Princeton when I was a teen, for almost a whole summer. I fell asleep on the couch in the living room one night, and woke up to an extremely bright light shining through the window. It was far away...and I was amazed at how bright it was...I watched it...and suddenly it moved sharply to the right...the sharply straight up...I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

I slept on the couch for several nights after that, and the same thing was happening. I finally went into my parents room and woke them up to show them my UFO. They watched for awhile, and of course, it didn't move while they were watching...they begrdugingly went back to bed...unimpressed.