We've all been watching the Peregrine Falcon Acadia raise her family and knew that any day now, the Eyeasses would be leaving the nest. On Sunday evening, however; a glitch in the camera caused us to miss some important data overnight which lead me to believe something might have been wrong.

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When the camera came back on on Monday, all I could see was a dead bird in the nest, and two Falcons; but I couldn't tell if they were the babies.


I reached out to the Minnesota DNR to see if the dead bird was one of the Eyeasses, and thank goodness it was not. Here was the reply I received from Lori Naumann, Nongame Wildlife Program Spokesperson:

Hi Kelly,

The camera was down for a bit over the weekend.  When it came back on, both chicks were in the box. At some point yesterday, a pigeon was brought into the box (prey).  By noon yesterday, both chicks had fledged from the box.  This is right on schedule for them!  We expected it would happen soon and they are being watched closely by both parents in the area.  Their nesting season is much shorter than for eagles and they learn to fly very quickly.  For the next several weeks, the parents will feed them, teach them to fly, and eventually they will learn to hunt on their own.

I hope this helps alleviate your concern. 

Just to clarify, they did not return to the box, they were both there, then after noon, they both had fledged.  😊

The adult birds will remain on territory and I’ve seen one in the box this morning.  It is unlikely the chicks will return to the box as they are learning to use their wings.

Glad you enjoyed the season!


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