Last week we got to announce that Gary Allen and Tracy Lawrence were heading to Waite Park this Spring as part of their joined tour. It just so happens that I saw on Friday that Tracy Lawrence shed some light on his iconic hit song, Paint Me A Birmingham. What Tracy said has me listening to his song again, but this time in a WHOLE new way!

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Tracy Lawrence was on Justin Moore's podcast recently and one of the things that he talked about was his hit song Paint Me A Birmingham. Tracy revealed what the song was about, and it WASN'T about the town in Alabama. 

Lawrence told Justin that the song is actually about a style of house!

“Birmingham is a style of lake house… it’s got the porch going all the way around, man. If you’ve listened to it since then, it makes more sense.” -

So when you go back and listen to the song, don't worry I've dropped it in at the bottom, and you hear the refrain, it makes a whole lot more sense than it previously did.

Could you paint me a Birmingham?
Make it look just the way I planned
A little house on the edge of town
Porch goin' all the way around
Put her there in the front yard swing
Cotton dress, make it early spring
For a while, she'll be mine again
If you could paint me a Birmingham - 'Paint Me A Birmingham' written by Buck A. Moore / Gary L. Duffey

So when Tracy comes to town this May, you might just want to drop this nugget of information on your date to the show, don't worry it will be our little secret.

Also, if you are looking for tickets to the show, here you go! 

H/T to for the inspiration. 

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