It is no secret I am a Law & Order junkie! I never miss an episode and I even watch the reruns from morning to night. You can only imagine my excitement to find out Miranda is going to appear on SVU!

Anyone that knows anything about Miranda Lambert knows she is a spitfire no-nonsense girl that will pick up a gun and shoot you. However, that tough girl image will be hidden for her role on Law & Order SVU on NBC.

Miranda will play the role of a victim who has been asssaulted by a sleazy reality show producer played by Michael McKean. Also appearing in that particular episode is Harry Connick, Jr playing the love interest of Detective Olivia Benson.

This won't be Miranda's only appearance on NBC this year. She will be helping her hubby, Blake Shelton, out on The Voice. There's no word yet on what date Miranda's episode will air, but set your DVR to Wednesday nights on NBC.