Minnesota's most recent reported Bigfoot sighting happened on deer hunting weekend this past November, and it wasn't even a hunter that spotted the creature.

The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization is a resource for reporting and sharing Bigfoot sightings across North America, and this is where the sighting report in late 2020 came from.

Even though this report was submitted on December 18th, 2020, the sighting itself took place around 11:15 am on November 9th, 2020. The sighting happened in the Ely area of St. Louis County:

West bound HWY 169 - 1/8 mile or so past Twin Lakes Road sign on left side of road. It was 6-6.5 feet tall walking on two legs crossing a smaller road off to left walking parallel to me driving. It crossed the road ditch to ditch with three steps. I had 3-4 seconds of clear view. I saw very clearly the creatures back and right side of body. I saw grey to brown long hair. Kind of like the coloring of a grey squirrel. The hair was wire like. It was about 2 truck lengths from my van. I laughed and told my husband and my kids I think I just saw Bigfoot haha. I told my husband what I saw stating it must be someone in a suit because I saw it clear as I would look and see a rabbit or a wolf crossing the road. He said that would have to be somebody really crazy since it’s the third day of deer hunting season.

Unfortunately, the witness was the only one who saw Bigfoot, even though the rest of the family was in the car at the time but not looking at the road.

Other notable details about the sighting include that conditions were clear that morning, but it did downpour rain earlier in the day. Also the area consists of very dense forest on both sides of Hwy the creature crossed, and it is located close to BWCA and Superior National Forest. The area also has power lines running along the roads, a popular fixture for these creatures to travel alongside.

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BFRO always does a follow-up investigation when they receive a report, and deemed the witness as a credible one. She is a home health care nurse in a nearby county and was driving from Ely to visit relatives that morning. When she mentioned that she saw the creature, her husband wanted her to turn around and go look for it but she didn't.

As she noted in the report, the incident happened right after the start of hunting season, which may have been a factor for why the sasquatch was moving through there.

In my years of being a Bigfoot enthusiast, I've noticed quite a few consistencies with sightings. This one adds up with the description of the creature's size and color, the location, and the circumstances. No hunter in their right mind would be running around the woods in a costume on deer hunting weekend without blaze orange on. But I will let you be the judge of what this Minnesota woman saw. 

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