What comes to mind when you think "summer in Minnesota?"

Being on the water, grilling out, camping, the cabin, vacation, the Boundary Waters, and the Minnesota State Fair might just be a few thing.

With summer on its way out, the folks at Chicago's Premium Pizzeria Home Run Inn have taken the time to look back over Google trends data to determine each state's summer obsession (things must be really slow at the pizzeria right now).

As you can imagine, different parts of the country spend summer differently depending on weather, geography, accessibility, habits and trends. Minnesota's summer obsession is a whole lot different than, say, California's, but we'll get to that in a minute.


The Top 10 summer obsessions of 2019 according to Home Run Inn are:

1. Burger
2. Trampoline
3. Farmer's Market
4. Skateboard
5. Air Conditioner
6. Grill
7. Hammock
8. Watermelon
9. Popsicle
10. Flip Flops

Minnesota's top Google search reflecting our summer obsession was hammock -- a shared form of relaxation and popular search with Michigan, Ohio, Missouri, Arkansas and Utah.

Our state-line neighbors' summer obsessions included corn on the cob (ND), county fair (SD), sprinklers (IA) and Moscow Mules (WI); California's -- returning to the previously mentioned contrast -- was skateboarding.

Check out the full results by Home Run Inn below!

Home Run Inn Pizza
Home Run Inn Pizza

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