If you ever thought you'd like to try jalapeno cotton candy, or any of the oddest possible types of treats, you'll find it here. They just got way bigger, literally!

Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store (yes, that's their actual name) in Jordan, Minnesota has floor-to-ceiling candy, treats, soda, and jigsaw puzzles. Every weekend in it's open season is jam packed with people, and now they've added something that will guarantee even more people will pack the house.


According to the Kare 11, they've added a new addition - a 60 foot space dome. The ceiling of the dome features a hand painted copy of the Hubble telescope photo of the constellation Carina. Space ships hang from the rotating ceiling to bring life to the newest part of the store. On the outside, the dome lights up with bright strips of light to see it from all directions.

A few years ago our co-worker, Cindy Wear, shot a video of her experience:

It's a little road trip from central Minnesota, but may be well worth the drive to find sweets that you won't find anywhere else.

They don't have a website, just a Facebook page, and they like to keep things simple...which is exactly the experience you'll have when you walk in the store.

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