Minnesotans know: every time some national publication does a "state's most popular foods" story, we're stuck with either green bean casserole (HOT DISH) or tater tot hot dish.

We know better.

Buzzfeed finally surveyed Minnesotans that actually live in Minnesota, and have come up with the most accurate result yet.

The Jucy Lucy is our favorite food.

And why wouldn't it be? We're hardy folk. It's winter for the majority of the year, so why not get a burger with molten cheese inside the meat?! Gotsta keep the cheese hot!

Some states voted for their stereotypes: cheesesteaks in Pennsylvania, maple syrup in Vermont, BBQ in Texas, etc.

Others got weird. Chislic in South Dakota, lefse in North Dakota (isn't that a Minnesotan thing?), toasted ravioli in Missouri.

If it's not ravioli from a can I get confused. (Getty Images)

Alaska, on the other hand, loves ice cream. You do you, Alaska.

The most fitting stereotype comes from Colorado, which voted for breakfast burritos. They're not even pretending to not be stoned all the time. Bless them.

And bless these breakfast burritos! (Getty Images for Taco Bell)

H/T: Buzzfeed

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