Minnesotans are notorious for being "nice." I'm a Minnesota kid, born and raise--and I'd have to agree that we're nice...or just more passive aggressive. We have our own way of telling you what's really on our minds. I'd like to think of them as secret curse words.

Gosh darnit- As in; Gosh darnit, the kids tracked mud through the house again!

Dang it-As in; Dang it, Charles, why did you have to eat the last helping of hotdish?!

Cripes-As in; Oh cripes, you burnt the hotdish!


Suckin' A- As in; Suckin' A, the truck won't start again. You'll hear this a lot in the Holdingford/Rice area.

Cheese head-As in; Bill next door is such a cheese head! (it's really a passive aggressive dig at Wisconsin.)

Bless your heart-As in; Oh, bless her heart! It's her first time making hotdish. (the term sounds nice, but it's not.) Essentially, this is how you call someone an idiot. This phrase originally stems from Illinois, but Minnesotans have adopted it.

So, the next time you hear a Minnesotan using these words, you'll think twice about whether we're actually being "nice" or just trying to passive aggressively let you know that we're annoyed!

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