With another major snow storm approaching the Midwest this weekend, Minnesotans are beginning to show cracks in their stoic winter armor.

Forecast models are showing anywhere from 10, to 14, to 18 inches somewhere in our neighborhood -- but it's still too early to know exactly where, when & how much.

Amie frantically called me today after trashing two shovels trying to dig out her mailbox in Rochester -- "I need your help! There are no shovels left at stores down here. Can you try to find me one in St. Cloud?" My first stop at Handyman's Hardware yielded plenty of choices. (And Rochester calls itself part of MN?!?) 😜

The snowiest February in St. Cloud history will be followed up with what is traditionally the 3rd snowiest month in Minnesota, and it looks like more is on the way this weekend. The only question is 'HOW MUCH MORE?'

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