What would you say is Minnesota's worst (or most overrated) attraction?

Instagram user Matt Shirley recently asked his 389k Instagram followers to name the worst or most overrated attraction in their state. He just shared the results in a graph. Let's start with the results of Minnesota's neighbors.

According to our cheese-headed friends, the worst attraction in Wisconsin is the Wisconsin Dells. The fine people of North Dakota think the 32 miles of road known as the Enchanted Highway is pretty overrated. In South Dakota, The World's Only Corn Palace got the nix. And in Iowa, the Field of Dreams movie site apparently isn't very dream-worthy.

So, what did Minnesotans have to say is the worst attraction in the Land of 10,000 Lakes? The Mall of America.

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"Couldn't agree more with Minnesota's," commented one Instagram follower. "MOA is an absolute freaking nightmare."

"I remember when I lived in MN, there was always some sort of freak accident occurring on the Camp Snoopy rides (now called Nickelodeon universe?)," reflected another.

Other state's worst/overrated attractions include: The Center of the Universe (OK), The Gum Wall (WA), Hollywood (CA), Alamo (TX), Disney (FL), Times Square (NY), and World's Tallest Filing Cabinet (VT).

Another recent poll by Shirley asked people to name the worst part of living in their state. Minnesotans shared the same answer as folks in Montana and Wisconsin, citing that it's "too cold."

Follow along with Matt Shirley for future graphs, charts and polls (he tries to create one a day) on Instagram here.

What do you think: What's the worst or most overrated attraction in Minnesota?

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