Planning a trip? It' something that is on everyone's mind lately. How long do we have to wait? Should we be planning our Alaskan cruise right now for next Spring? Should I book that trip to Disney World for my boys so we can finally see Galaxy's Edge? The new Star Wars park? Should I get Travel Insurance on my trip?

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That IS a good question; and as a matter of fact, it's probably a question I haven't asked myself enough when traveling. How important is travel insurance? What does it help with? Lost luggage? Accidents while you're away from home? What if I need hospitalization while I'm gone? Will my health insurance be enough?

Every policy is different, so it's hard to know what you should or shouldn't purchase regarding your trip. However, I found these suggestions to help you decide if you really need to purchase this extra bit of security for yourself or not.


If you are traveling to another country, overseas; the answer is probably yes. You should get travel insurance. Your trip may include fees that are non refundable from the get go. You may be traveling to a country that doesn't have medical facilities that have the necessary care you might need. Medical coverage is the main reason listed for people who purchase Travel Insurance; so if you're headed overseas, go ahead and search your Travel Insurance options.


If you're just going up to the north shore, for example for a short 3 day stay that might involve a fishing boat, and a hotel room; you probably don't even need to consider getting Traveler's Insurance. Especially since most places have a 24 hour cancellation requirement, if you live close enough to where you are going to travel, you probably don't need it.


  • Covid-19 issues may NOT be covered. Each policy is different. If you are concerned about this, you should check with the agency providing the insurance before you say yes to the policy.
  • If your US flight gets cancelled flying from Minnesota to California, they probably will offer you plain tickets for an alternative route. In most cases, this isn't where the insurance is going to help you.
  • Medical coverage is the main thing to consider. This is the most important part of travel insurance.

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