How many of you have multiple gaming systems in your home from when you’re kids were little using the games made for kids; to now the bigger systems that offer 3D complicated games that only the most experienced gamers can play?

Although I’d be happy with Super Nintendo when we still lived in a 2-dimensional world, my kids have stayed with the times; upgrading and changing systems through the years, so I’m pretty sure we have at least two Nintendo Gamecube gaming consoles somewhere in our home. One is purple and the other is silver. (How do I remember that?!)

I just might go in search of some games from that system, as they could be worth some big bucks!

Photo by Ben Hamler on Unsplash
Photo by Ben Hamler on Unsplash
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The U.S. Sun reported recently that one of Nintendo’s most popular games of all time could be worth a lot of money should someone out there still have a copy.

The Legend of Zelda, “The Wind Waker,” is one of the best-known Zelda titles out there.

This game was first launched in Japan in 2002 before it arrived in the United States in March 2003.


A place called has the game listed at a value of over $900 if it’s been professionally graded.

Otherwise, if you still have a sealed copy, it’s still worth about $260, and if you have a complete-in-box copy, even if it ISN’T brand new, you still could get about $72 for it.

So, it’s unlikely that any of us have an unopened copy right?! I mean, seriously, that’s why the unopened copies are worth so much more. But even if you have a loose disc, it is still valued at around $60, and the box is supposedly worth about $20.


What if you look through all your games and you can't find it, but you DO find the manual? You might be in luck there as well. The manual is worth approximately $18.


The Wind Waker was quite popular in its day. It sold 4.6 million copies according to the article, and won Game of the Year in many publications at the time. The game was re-released in 2013 in high def, for the Nintendo’s Wii U gaming system, which they called “The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD.”

We HAVE A Wii U as well; I wonder if THAT game is worth anything. If you are curious about any other games that you have, you can go to to find out what your games and systems might be worth.

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