After reading some of these listener incidents, it's a wonder any of them have drivers licenses still...

My early morning commutes to work this past week have been made a bit slower and more cautious by the presence of heavy fog. As I've driven up Highway 10 to St. Cloud, it's occurred to me, "If a deer decided to step out into the road right now, I don't think I'd be able to stop or avoid hitting it!" The thought, naturally, got me reflecting on the largest thing I have hit with my vehicle (accidentally, of course). Fortunately, there have been very few incidents over the course of my driving career; the worst casualty to date was the garbage can in my driveway a few years back; there's a dent in my car's bumper that's still.

Curious to know what the largest thing that our listeners have hit with their vehicle might be, we took to Facebook to ask:

Animals were common answers, including deer, pheasant, turkey, raccoons, skunk and German Shepherd. A garbage can was also a common answer. From there, things got more interesting.

"Backed into a semi in a parking lot," shared Kathryn Mizerak. "It was a small lot, and it parked in a bad spot behind the delivery car I was already in, getting ready to go out. Luckily, it was just a little bump."

"Trying to get up a very steep hill, my car started going backwards," shared Lynette Eder. "I hit a tree."

"A house," admitted Rick Sura. "It involved a motorcycle and no alcohol. The fence didn't slow me down."

"A snow plow," shared Nancy Johnson. "We were driving down highway 10, and the plow had his blade out over the center line. The person driving the car I was in went around the plow, and we couldn’t see the blade because of the snow blowing up. We totaled the car. No one badly hurt, just a big bump on my head. This was back in the 70’s, and I am still leery of plows."

"My son hit a Dairy Queen..." admitted Kathy Neumeister, unfortunately providing no further details. Hers wouldn't be the only story about hitting a business's building.

"I was driving my husbands new F-150 truck," Nicole Verant begins her story. "McDonalds drive thru. And I had a prop from Halloween that the kids lefts in the car. A bloody fake arm. I pull up to the first window to pay. Stick the cash in the fake bloody hand of the arm and give to the girl in the window. She was clearly visibly freaked out. And I'm trying super hard not to laugh. She takes the money. Gives me back change (it's dropping all over cuz it's a fake plastic hand). And I pull up to the next window to get my food. Same thing. I reach out with the fake bloody arm to take the food and scare the bejesus out of that poor person. By now I can't contain my laughing. I go to pull away and drive right into the side of McDonald's. When I tell my husband what happened - I do not include the detail of the bloody arm. However a couple nights later - we are with friends and I’m telling the wife about this incident - she’s laughing and mentions the fake bloody arm to my husband and how funny it was. Unfortunately - he does NOT find humor in it. Needless to say - I am no longer allowed to drive his truck."

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What's the largest thing you've accidentally hit with your vehicle?

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