A few weeks ago we got news that an endangered Amur tiger cub was born at the Minnesota Zoo. And after all the excitement of April the giraffe's live webcam, the Zoo has followed the same footsteps!

On April 26th, 2017 the Minnesota Zoo welcomed a female Amur tiger cub! Amur tigers are highly endangered, mainly due to poaching. After losing a mature adult male Amur tiger almost exactly a year ago, this successful birth is truly something to celebrate.


At first the Minnesota Zoo took the cub in for hand-raising, as Sundari (a first time mother) was showing signs of neglect. But thankfully, only about a week later the pair were reunited under close supervision of the Zoo staff. Things are looking great for the mom and cub, and now you can see them up close and personal - and also LIVE! Check out the webcam from the Minnesota Zoo below.

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