I grew up watching commercials on TV in the 70's for a big push for litter clean up. Throwing your litter out the car window was no longer acceptable...and then as time progressed, we started recycling. Everyone was collecting cans and crushing them; and making sure that trash was going in the trash CAN, not just in the yard.

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I was driving through St. Cloud the other day, and as I was sitting at a red light, as the light changed to green, the car in front of me proceeded through the intersection, and the driver of the vehicle reached behind him and through trash out the back window! Right in the intersection. I was absolutely shocked that they were just chatting, and laughing and boom...out the window he intentionally through his back of trash out the window. I think maybe it was a fast food bag and he must not have wanted to smell up his car with leftover food, so instead of taking home and finding a trash can, he thought the road was a great place for it.

If you didn't know, littering is illegal; and for good reason. I honestly think it's been many years since I've seen a push for litter control, and many of us just assumed that everyone knows you don't do that.


Did you know that littering our ditches and roads in Minnesota is a Misdemeanor, which is punishable by law up to $1000? Or 90 days in jail...or possibly...both?

I have to think that the people driving in front of me, driving through a very busy intersection in St. Cloud, must not have known that, as I could have easily reported their license plate to the Police and said something. I was in shock at the time, and didn't get the number. Maybe someone else in the intersection did?

A second conviction has a minimum fine of $400. Any judge may for any violation of the law, require you to pick up litter along any public roadway or highway for four to eight hours, under the direction of The Department of Transportation, with the option of a jail sentence being imposed.


The commercial below had a huge effect on me as a kid. I was so ashamed of what we are doing, that I remembered this ad. I think it affected many people who really decided to turn things around and do something about it, and I think it had a big impact on the US at the time and for many years. But when was the last time you've heard anyone talk about it? Maybe it's time we let the new generations know...it's NOT okay!

Minnesota also has a civil liability for littering. The law covers tossing cigarettes' out the window along with glass, bottles, garbage, paper, trash, cigarettes' filters and fireworks debris.

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