Call me old, but I like to wake up every morning and get ready while I watch the morning news. Maybe it's because one of my favorite movies is Anchorman, maybe it's because I like to be informed. It's probably just a combination of the two.

As I was watching the Fox 9 Morning News, meteorologist Keith Marler came on to do the weather on the 9's at 8:19 am. He was talking about how after the snow today, Minnesota is going to see a dramatic temperature drop with highs below zero for Thursday, and then another swing up into the 20's for Friday. With it he made a really good point.

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This change from cold to colder air and back really does a number on our skin. That bitter cold air causes dry cuticles, cracked lips and skin, dryness and overall irritation. Isn't living in this state fun?

Basically with the weather report, Mr. Marler said to lotion up. Keep that skin hydrated even if you don't like it, because you'll thank yourself for it later. Keep thinking warm thoughts and maybe that lotion warning will turn into a sunscreen warning.

If you need a laugh about the cold and snow, here is one to get you through it:


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